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Print your photo's onto a 25cm x 51cm piece of wood and turn your precious memories into a beautiful Woodpic original. Every Woodpic has a different wood grain, turning your photos into unique works of art. A 25cm x 51cm is the perfect size for a table or wall, ensuring that your Woodpic will be loved. Your Woodpic will get friends and family talking no matter what you decided to do with it! Printed with water-based inks on sustainable birch wood, your Woodpic is very durable, it is heat and water resistant, allowing you to wipe it clean if required. Specialised Ink printed, allows for the natural wood grain to show through the image. Each wood print will vary in wood grain, no two wood prints will look a like. Also check out the range the of extra'a avaible for your Woodpic selection after up loading your image, these include Enhanced White, Image Retouching, Framing, Bevelled Edges and Gift Rapping.

Professionalism, creativity and innovation are key in every stage of our production process. Once you have made your choice, we select the sustainably farmed Birch ply wood and using the process we have refined, we fuse the printed image with the natural grain of the wood. Your Woodpic is very durable and both heat and water resistant, allowing you to wipe it clean if required. You can also select from a range of popular extras such as enhanced white, varnishing, framing and gift wrapping for that perfect present.

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Choose between an easy-to-fit wall hanging kit or a stylish wooden stand to compliment your Woodpic.


Choose either shiny gloss or matte varnish.


Choose either a straight edge or stylish angled edge.

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Save money on high street framing and show your Woodpic with our unique frames.

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