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Our wood prints create a unique photograhic experience for your adventures, precious memories and those special moments in time. Our printing services produce a natural look and feel retaining vibrant colours and high definition without sacrificing clarity. Check out our wide range of products or speak to a Woodpic’er expert online or by phone today! 

Sinlge Photo Roll Over

Single photo

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Upload your favourite photos and  turn your precious memories into beautiful Woodpic originals.

Multi Panel Preview Roll Over


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Select from our signature selection of arrangements & turn your memories, pictures and art into multipanel masterpieces.

Montage catalogue preview


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Collages represent our most flexible range of images, sizes  & shapes which are fun & great for sharing "Memories"


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 Your Photo's Printed on Wood, An Eco-Friendly Process!

The main focus at Woodpic, is ensuring that we adhere to an eco-friendly production process across all of our products. This means that our photographic and artwork print reproduction is created using water-based, environmentally sustainable inks. This is complemented by a range of personalised custom extras such as framing, text inserts, resin, matt or gloss varnish & enhanced white delivering a high definition photographic finish. Our wood prints are also extremely resilient & are able to be washed & wiped, in the event that it is splashed & all products come with a 5-year guarantee. We have invested time in perfecting the art of creating a durable, vibrant & sustainable product; that is now enjoyed & viewed by thousands of people & businesses. The birch ply wood we print on, is sustainably farmed meaning no deforestation. If you would like to discuss printing options, please ring us on Tel- 01474 823600 or message our online chat where one of our experts will be at hand to help. Alternatively, you can also message Facebook or email

The perfect wedding anniversary gift! Your special day engrained on wood

Your wedding anniversary is an important day to celebrate with your special someone. Here at Woodpic the UK’s first fine art printer on wood we want to enhance this special day with a unique photo print on wood of your special memories. To support this Woodpic have made your gift buying seamless and easy! Let’s be honest, we all want gifts that not only make a lasting impression so you can tell your friends but will also stand the test of time and the years to come. Did you know that we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. That’s how confident we are that this year’s gift will be big hit, creating a lasting smile and getting all your friends talking! Whether you are newly married or a seasoned veteran, Woodpic is the perfect wedding anniversary gift for 2018!

Photo & Art Printing onto Wood is a Perfect Gift!

Wood canvas prints are the latest trend that involves the intricate science of printing your camera, iPhone or Samsung photo images onto a wooden canvas with complete precision, vibrancy & durability, with an absolute focus on high definition production quality. We have revolutionised printing on wood by designing a precision-based approach to photographic reproduction. Our unique printing technique infuses ink pigments directly into the grain of the wood to create an individual masterpiece. One of the most exciting things, (and our favourite), is that each Woodpic has its own unique fingerprint, no two are alike. The same is true of your memories they are all unique moments in time. Our finishing process enhances the durability of your wood print, making them moisture & heat resistant. Our customers love their wood prints & this all makes for a perfect gift, check out what our customers say on Facebook & follow us on Instagram to get inspired by our customers print adventures!