Your Photo's & Art Printed On Wood

Welcome to Woodpic, we have a fantastic range of photo print gift ideas for that special someone or a unique piece of wood printed art decor for your home that will get friends & family talking. Don’t compromise on memories or that special moment in time.
Print on wood today with sustainable materials. Woodpic the UK’s original photo & wall art wood printer.
Delivery options, 3 - 5 working days & Express 48 hours!

Single photos

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Turn your precious digital memories into a beautiful Woodpic original, upload your digital pictures, perfect them and print.



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Our signature selection of beautiful arrangements turn your pitures & memories into multi panels creating art.


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Montages represents our most flexible range of images, sizes  & shapes which are fun & great for sharing "Memories"

                                                        Photo's printed on wood, an eco-friendly process!

The most important thing about printing pictures on wood with Woodpic is that it is an eco- friendly process! Woodpic photo and digital artwork printing is produced by using only water-based, sustainable inks. To understand this amazing reproduction method delivered to you or a friend, you see a digital picture / photo printed on wood! They are totally unique and have a beautiful individaul finish; this is complemented with a range of personalised extras such as matt or gloss varnish and our enhanced white, when you want that extra contrast! Your Woodpic is also very resilient and can be washed and whipped in the event that it is splashed. Woopic the uk first wood printer have invested their time in perfecting the art of creating a durable, vibrant, sustainable wood print that is now enjoyed by thousands of people and businesses. The birch ply wood we use to print your digital photo's on is farmed. This means no deforestation.         Print your Woodpic today, if you have any questions ring our expert team or whatch our intro video, to see how a Woodpic is made.

The perfect wedding anniversary gift!
Your special day engrained on wood!

Your wedding anniversary is an important day to celebrate with your special someone. Here at Woodpic the UK’s first fine art printer on wood we want to enhance this special day with a unique photo print on wood of your special memories. To support this Woodpic have made your gift buying seamless and easy! Let’s be honest, we all want gifts that not only make a lasting impression so you can tell your friends but will also stand the test of time and the years to come. Did you know that we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. That’s how confident we are that this year’s gift will be big hit, creating a lasting smile and getting all your friends talking! Whether you are newly married or a seasoned veteran, Woodpic is the perfect wedding anniversary gift for 2015!

Woodpic's Wall Art

Our range of hand-picked, beautiful imagery printed on natural wood. Choose from a range of finishes and sizes.

  • Fine Art & Photo's On Wood

    Wall art that you love printed on beautiful wood.

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Photo’s and art printing on wood the perfect gift!

Woodpic photo or art printing on wood create a unique wooden canvas. Wood prints are the latest trend that involves the intricate science of printing your photos or art onto wood with complete precision, vibrancy and durability with absolute focus on their production quality. Woodpic have revolutionised this in the UK by designing a precision approach to photo printing on to wood. This unique printing technique embeds ink pigments directly into the grain of the wood. The printed image then fuses with the natural grain of the wood to create an individual masterpiece. The Woodpic reproduction process for photo imaging is 100% unique! One of the most exciting things, is that each Woodpic has its own unique fingerprint, no two are alike. The same is true of your memories they are all unique and perfect for engraining  onto wood. Our finishing process enhances the durability of your wood print, making them moisture and heat resistant. Our customers love their wood prints and cannot stop talking about them, all of this makes for the perfect gift or complement to your home or office. Check out our current offers and engrain your memories today!