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Woodpic™ is part of the Picture Playground Group, its mission is the sharing of people’s memories, personal adventures and happy events that are unique moments in time and engraining them onto wood!

It is our view that every great picture is worth printing, or they get lost in time, stay in the cupboard or worst of all never get downloaded and seen. Our Vision is to ensure that memoires are protected for all time and shared. We all know that when we glance or reflect on a memory it creates a great feeling which makes us and others feel fantastic. We want all our customers to benefit from these wonderful feelings!

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What Is a Woodpic™?

The main focus at Woodpic, is ensuring that we adhere to an eco-friendly production process across all of our products. This means that our photographic and artwork print reproduction is created using water-based, environmentally sustainable inks. This is complemented by a range of personalised custom extras such as framing, text inserts, resin, matt or gloss varnish & enhanced white delivering a high definition photographic finish. Our wood prints are extremely resilient & are able to be washed & wiped, in the event that it is splashed & all products come with a 5-year guarantee.

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Ideal for Designers, Artist & Photography Students.

Woodpic™ are now offering a super cool service for Designers, Artist & Photography students who are now able to get Woodpic™ with a special discount of up to 40%.
Stamp discount

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Woodpic with Grain
Man Hanging Woodpic

A Unique Wood Experience

We have invested time in perfecting the art of creating a durable, vibrant & sustainable product; that is now enjoyed & viewed by thousands of people & businesses. The birch ply wood we print on, is sustainably farmed meaning no deforestation. If you would like to discuss printing options, please ring us on 01622 824366 or message our online chat where one of our experts will be at hand to help. Alternatively, you can also message Facebook or email hello@woodpic.co.uk.


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Preserve you memories…

We believe that every photo should be printed and shared… Have you ever thought of the reasons to buy your own photo printed on a Woodpic™?

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Multipanel Woodpic

Multipanels Go Live!

You can now shop Multipanels, just click on Multipanels in th navbar and you will be presented with a range of bespoke templates that will allow you to bring together, in one template, your chosen image. This allows you to see which picture looks the best and what size fits best. Alternatively, if you need us to create it for you, just email your photo to the Woodpic team, at hello@woodpic.co.uk with your size & our experts will take care of it for you free of charge.

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